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All too often, it's not. Punctuation, spelling and grammar often leave a lot to be desired. In the business world, that just won't do. And on the Internet, it's virtual suicide. Your global customers need to trust your expertise, and just one tiny mistake can mean that they turn to your competitor.

If English isn't your first language, you might need a little help in fine-tuning your copy for the English-speaking market. Making it clearer, more precise. So your message gets through to your customers.

Or perhaps you want clean, persuasive copy written from scratch. Who better to do it than a native English speaker with worldwide, award-winning experience?

That's what I'm here for. My years of experience as an English language copywriter living in Europe translate into what you might call "a foot in both camps". That means the ability to work locally with an awareness of global needs.

And thanks to the Internet and the telephone, we can work together whether you're located in Denmark -- or Zimbabwe. Want to learn more? Get in contact with me. +45 2030 5067

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